Over the years, SAP has developed / acquired a suite of consolidation tools which differ in terms of functionality, complexity and cost:


  • EC-CS (ERP-based)
  • SEM-BCS (BW-based)
  • PBC (ex Outlook Soft)
  • BO-FC (ex Magnitude)


The first key challenge for each client is to understand which solution is a best fit in terms of requirements, available budget and sustainability. After this tool selection has been done, however, specific consolidation know-how is required to fine-tune the application and to ensure a continuity of the group financial statements.



  • We are best familiar with all four products! Because we are fully independent from any sales kick-backs we assure that the solution to be implemented is the one that best fits your requirements
  • We take into consideration built-in  functions that can provide additional benefits to your business such as planning & forecasting, management consolidation, liquidity reporting
  • We offer an experienced group of consultants that have proven their capabilities in various projects