The increase in company acquisitions, globalization and an ongoing trend to outplace business functions (such as IT or accounting) results in a growing number of intercompany transactions hitting.

In theory, the booking, exchange, reconciliation and settlement of IC transactions is a process that could be highly automated as in most cases master data (e.g. chart of accounts, cost centers, AP/AR), process governance and even the SAP-application itself are harmonized on provider and receiver side. Practically, however, most companies have developed their own semi-automated solutions to deal with IC processes or are even running those entirely manually.

We have developed an approach to fully automize the intercompany process within one or multiple SAP-systems and have proven its feasibility at various, multinational organizations.



  • We are providing a framework for intercompany processing comprising of governance, process and system-functionality
  • Because of our deep knowledge of SAP we can utilize the existing standard functions (e.g. intercompany reconciliation tool, electronic bank statement, EDI-exchange) in an utmost way
  • For special requirements we offer a dedicated SAP-based add-on Tool for IC processing (ICT)