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The legal requirement for the creation and submission of an electronic tax balance sheet in XBRL poses a major challenge for companies located in Germany. Although the mandatory requirement is in force from 2013 for most taxpayers, many ERP software providers do not offer a easy to use solution for meeting these requirements.

The standard functionality of SAP supports only the data provisioning for the electronic tax balance. Separate add-ons are needed for the creation of the final XBRL file and the electronic submission. SAP’ s own ‘solution’ is called ‘SAP ERP client for E-Bilanz’ and is a local Excel Add-on application and not an integrated SAP solution. It does not work without the generic risk of interfaces.

The solution that Phenix Consulting provides eliminated these risks as the entire process will be fully integrated into SAP.


The advantages of the eBilanz Cockpit


Phenix Consulting's Cockpit is an easy-to-use solution for German e-balance requirements. It is fully integrated into SAP, easily accessible and generic interface risks are avoided. One central screen with all functions at your fingertips.


The cockpit’s ten steps process provides a simple guideline to create and submit mandatory filings. The cockpit is user-friendly due to well-designed features, such as the drag & drop functionality for mapping the company’s chart of accounts to the required fiscal taxonomy. The cockpit has an interface to non-SAP systems to enable upload of financial data from subsidiaries not running SAP. 


All the group’s tax balances can be created in and filed from one central SAP system via an audit-proof process. Any tax adjustments made in the cockpit does not influence SAP data and these adjustment could be tracked via a separate document journal. Similar to SAP all entries and changes are recorded (full audit trail), ensuring that the cockpit meets high standards of IT and process security.


Read more about basic data flow within the cockpit, Implementation Plan and Return On Investment opportunities in slide deck below >> Download