Business Intelligence

The usage of business intelligence tools became common for organizations at a certain size and complexity. BI-tools combine the flexibility of merging data from various sources with comprehensive dashboard reporting or a familiar Excel user-experience. The wrong design of an integrated BI-architecture, however, can lead to significant issues and increase change- and run-costs. Issues to be considered are:


Architecture – organizations tend to implement multiple BI multiple BI-tools on a purpose-wise basis. As a result, the overall IT costs unnecessarily increase, data is stored in a redundant, un-reconcilable manner. Each organization should therefore develop a clear BI-strategy to avoid uncontrollable growth of data warehouses and data marts


Content - A comprehensive definition and documentation of business requirements and content must be available before setting up any BI-solution


Technology- taking into consideration the functional / non-functional requirements as well as the current architecture the best technological platform has to be selected. Moreover, this should include implications of SAP’s BW/BI roadmap towards HANA and ERP integration


Cost - the operation and further enhancement poses a significant cost factor to the IT



We are a one-stop-shop for all your questions around BI: We provide architectural advise, develop the business content with you and take care of the implementation of a SAP-based BI (e.g. SAP BW, BO, SEM) optionally in combination with COGNOS, SAS or Microsoft

We have gained practical experiences with the latest technology such as SAP HANA and can demonstrate how your business can best benefit from it.