What we offer

We offer the following models:
SAP VAT basic training - 4 hours - the following key VAT concepts and functionalities of SAP and VAT will be discussed: 

- Standard SAP design
- Standard VAT drivers
- VAT on Sale
- VAT on Purchases
- VAT on FI-Only

In-depth session - in addition after interviewing and understanding your own operating business models and the design and implementation of SAP your current issues will be discussed and recommendations provided how to come to improvements


Workshop - the workshop will be completely focused on your 'As Is' and how to get to the 'To Be'. We will provide insight in normative controls, practical workarounds and VAT tools available in the market (e.g. Vertex, OneSource, Meridian and Taxmarc by PwC).


The latter includes the questions that should be raised during vendor selection.