SAP offers a powerful, built-in tool to automate and speed up transactional processes like invoice verification or payment approval. Using the workflow enables organizations to significantly increase efficiency and effectiveness within transactional processes.

However, the native SAP-standard does not cover all requirements in most cases. Hence the implementation of a workflow typically results in a combination of SAP with external tools or even third party service providers.

Our service offering comprises the end-to-end implementation of a tailor-made workflow architecture involving SAP and third party products. This includes requirements analysis, business blueprint, tool selection, implementation and go-live. We furthermore take care, that legal requirements – particularly related to invoice archiving – are sufficiently considered.




Our clients benefit from our vast project experience : we have implemented various workflow scenarios for companies of different sizes

We are independent and we have a fair overview over the market of third-party products and services.

We combine business knowledge and technical implementation capabilities